Bricks – Visual Site Builder for WordPress

Bricks – Visual Site Builder for WordPress

- V1.9.7.1

Bricks – Visual Site Builder for WordPress, is a stand-alone premium wordpress theme.

Bricks is a premium WordPress theme that lets you visually build performant WordPress sites with confidence, and in record time. It is a faster, more customizable & performant tool to visually design your entire site.   Create your entire site visually From header to footer, and anything in between. Customize every aspect of your site right in the builder. Insert dynamic data. Edit & preview multiple breakpoints for a fully responsive website optimized for mobile. ...
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Bricks is a premium WordPress theme that lets you visually build performant WordPress sites with confidence, and in record time. It is a faster, more customizable & performant tool to visually design your entire site.


Create your entire site visually

From header to footer, and anything in between. Customize every aspect of your site right in the builder. Insert dynamic data. Edit & preview multiple breakpoints for a fully responsive website optimized for mobile. Lots of smart features to help you build better sites in less time. Build your entire site, visually. All on one screen. From header to footer and everything in between. If you can do it with WordPress, you can do it with Bricks. Preview and tweak your design for different breakpoints so your site looks stunning on all devices. No more patchwork relying on dozens of disjointed and expensive plugins that slow down and break your site.


Dynamic Data

Populate your site with dynamic data from:

  • Advanced Custom Fields – Meta box – JetEngine – Pods – Toolset – CMB2 – or any other WordPress custom fields.
  • Perfect when generating dynamic templates for complex sites with custom post types such as real estate, listings, your blog layout, etc.
  • Access the dynamic tag picker from the editing panel or by typing “{” when editing your text to reveal all your dynamic data for one-click insert.


Truly Responsive Editing

Optimize your site for any device (desktop, tablets, and smartphones). Preview & adjust your design visually for all relevant breakpoints (or via CMD / CTRL + B).



Deleted something by accident? Messed up your styles? No problem. Undo/redo any change in one click or via keyboard shortcuts.



Bricks creates a revision on every save. Browse, preview and restore any snapshot right from within the builder.


Customizable Save

Bricks saves your work automatically every 60 seconds. Feel free to customize this interval, or disable the auto save.

Unsaved changes are detected automatically. Bricks tells you when you are trying to leave a page with unsaved changes.


All The Fonts

Choose the perfect font to expresses your brand and style. Bricks comes with websafe fonts, 800+ Google Fonts. You can even upload your own custom fonts in all relevant font weights, variants, and styles. Set your fonts globally or individually. With live preview in the canvas. Smart asset loading ensures only relevant font files are loaded as needed.


Control Builder Access

Define builder access levels for every user role or individual users. Choose between no access, content edits only, or full access. This way you can protect your hand-crafted designs and allow layout changes only for certain users.


Header & Footer Builder

Build responsive website headers & footers, visually. Position top/left/right, sticky, sliding up, with a customizable mobile menu off-canvas sliding in. Create multiple header & footer templates and set conditions about where to show them on your site. Hide them on your landing pages with a single click.


Make It Your Own

Choose between the builder’s light and dark mode. Enable, disable or customize autosave. Freely resize and position the builder panel anywhere you like on your screen.


Page Specific Optimizations

Use page settings to disable your header/footer, show a built-in one-page navigation, or add custom CSS & JavaScript. Ideal for landing pages.


SEO & Social Media

Optimize SEO-relevant settings such as title, permalink, meta description, keywords, robots under page settings. Same goes for your social media preview details.


Edit Like A Document

Edit your text directly on the canvas. No switching to the panel required. Select text with your mouse to reveal the quick formatting bar.


Hover State Styles

Fully customize the styling of any block when your visitors hover of them. Toggle between “Normal” and “Hover Styles” by clicking the “cursor” icon in the buider toolbar.


Searchable controls

Bricks comes with so many controls that it’s a good idea to make use of the search bar at the top of the editing panel to whenever you want to customize a specific setting. Tip: Directly access the search bar via the CMD / CTRL + Shift + S keyboard shortcut.


Pin Elements

Pin your most used elements at the top of the panel for even faster access. Hover over any element in th panel and click the “Pin” icon to pin it. Unpin an element and it returns to it’s default position.


Structure View.

The “Structure” view provides you with a X-ray view of all your blocks, and let’s edit or move any block around with ease. Renaming your blocks makes even the most complex pages manageable.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed up your workflow even more by performing the most common actions such as save, preview, editing different breakpoints, undo/redo, etc. with simple keyboard shortcuts.


Preview Your Work

Toggle between builder and preview mode (CMD / CTRL + P) to instantly see how your page looks like. Or use the Frontend View to open your page in a new tab, which conveniently auto-refreshes whenever your changes are saved.


Create your own elements

Althought Bricks comes with 50+ highly customizable elements, you can always create your own elements with some PHP, HTML, and CSS. No complicated compilation required. Just code, and save your element.


Page Management

Publish, create and switch between pages or any Bricks-enabled post type right within the builder toolbar. Edit your draft and published them right within Bricks.


Fully Translatable & RTL

Translate any part of Bricks into the language of your choice. Bricks also supports right-to-left languages (RTL) such as Arabic, Hebrew, etc.


Any layout you want

Fully responsive and flexible system of sections, rows, and columns for unlimited layout options.

Arrange your blocks with simple drag & drop into any layout.


Any Part of your site

Header, footer, pages, blog posts, archives, search results, 404 pages, custom post type layouts, etc.

If it’s in WordPress, you can design it with Bricks.


Theme Styles

Create and maintain a consistent design system throughout your site via Theme Styles. All visually, and in real-time. Define custom styles for your layout, colors, links, typography, and all of your elements. Create as many theme styles as you need. Then set conditions where on your site to show certain styles.


Image Editing

Skip PhotoShop. Apply unique effects to your images right within the builder via CSS filters. Set blur, brightness, contrast, hue, invert, opacity, saturation, and sepia via easy to use visual controls.


Videos Everywhere

Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, your media library, or any external URL. Add background videos to sections, rows, and columns. Open videos in customizable lightboxes.


Custom Color Palettes

Create your own custom color palettes to match your brand. Use your color throughout your entire site. Changes on global colors take immediate effect on every element that uses the same color. Bricks comes with its very own advanced custom color picker. Which supports HEX, RBGA and HSL color schemes. Fine-tune hue, saturation, lightness and transparency.


Gradients & Overlays

Need a background overlay for your text to stand out? Apply a six-colored gradient to a heading? How about a background gradient with a 42° angle and mutiple color stops?

All of this and more is possible with the most sophisticated gradient tool in the market. Apply an unlimited number of gradients to texts, backgrounds and overlays.


Extremely fast

Bricks doesn’t just help you build your site in record time, it loads it in record time, too. 100/100 GTmetrix score out-of-the-box. No optimization plugin needed. No bloat, clean valid markup, and smart lazy loading of all your assets. Also, Bricks is a theme, not a plugin. Bricks is carefully crafted, and runs on the latest, most modern Vue.js 3 framework (inside the builder). The frontend uses smart asset loading, clean markup


Shape Dividers

Mix and match 29 unique horizontal and vertical shapes in unlimited ways to break up your content in engaging units.

Then tweak each shape to your liking. The most sophisticated shape divider available. See those drops above? That’s a shape divider.


CSS Transform

Create interesting and high-performant transformation effects such as scale, rotate, skew, or freely adjust the position of any block horizontally and vertically.


Ease of use

Create custom theme styles to make any design your own. Edit your images visually via CSS filters. Add unlimited gradients & shape dividers to any block. Create a color palette that fits your brand. Upload your favorite fonts and SVGs. Custom CSS & JavaSript can be added globally or to individual blocks.


Advanced Functionality

Easily create your own elements with PHP, HTML, and CSS. No complicated build/compile process required. Use hooks and filters to customize everything down to color palette, save messages, and so on. Extend Bricks in any way imaginable by adding your own endpoints to the Bricks API.

Documentation: Bricks – Visual Site Builder for WordPress Nulled


  • WordPress installation (minimum version 4.6 or above)
  • PHP (minimum version 5.6 or above)

General Installation/Update Instructions

Changelog: Bricks – Visual Site Builder for WordPress Nulled - Version

Quick hotfix to squash the nested query loop bug introduced in 1.9.1 that broke non-post/term/user nested queries (i.e., ACF, Meta Box, etc.).

If you develop or use a third-party plugin (i.e., AJAX filtering) that alters your query vars, you might want to utilize the new bricks/query/force_run filter ( to force re-running certain queries by returning true. Ideally, only for the required queries to benefit from the performance gains the new query logic provides.

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